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Since v2.0.1 this is option is present in all versions of HEBF Optimizer

What is sysctl?

Sysctl is a linux command used to modify kernel parameters individually at runtime.

The list of the parameters to modify are the files under /proc/sys and its subfolders.
The /proc directory itself is not a real filesystem, it's an interface to kernel data structures that provides information about the processes that are running, /sys is the directory with information about the parameters used by the system.

For instance, let's say we want to modify the swappiness tendency, it's the file under /proc/sys/vm/swappiness. This parameter tells the kernel to try to keep allocated memory in the RAM or move it to the swap. This balance is set with 0-100 values, lower values meaning "keep in RAM" and higher values meaning "move all allocated (and non used) memory at the moment to the swap."

Since the values for this parameter are 0-100, you can simple execute a echo "60" > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness which will update the content of the file straight with "60", setting the parameter.
Now, if all these parameters are under /proc/sys why not use a tool that was designed just for that?

The above command can be done with sysctl, note that /proc/sys is not used, and its subfolders are replaced with a dot.

sysctl -w vm.swappiness=60

Finding sysctl within the app

You will need to unlock the Advanced Options in order to acess this feature, to do so, set user level to "Chuck Norris" or find the hidden way.

Once unlocked, click on Sysctl to open a new screen, you will be presented to the Sysctl screen and it looks like this:


Sysctl screen in HEBF

When you open the sysctl screen, you will see 3 sections: "Options", "Directory" and the one at the bottom, which says only busybox sysctl -w =.


For now there are only 2 options, write and no output, checking it will change the final sysctl command.


It is a small root file explorer (it will use root access to browse blocked directories, if needed), it is there to quickly browse through /proc/sys. There's an address bar used to show the current directory, you can also type on that to browse dirs, but remember that the root directory here is /proc/sys, you won't be able to go a level up from it.

Command section

This is a text that shows the final command, which will be executed by the app once you set a value. Note that there's a "busybox" placeholder which is necessary to ensure the execution.

Using sysctl with HEBF

Step 1

Browse through the directories available and select a file to change the parameter value. A file is identified with a different icon.

Step 2

After selecting a file, the layout will change to allow you set a parameter, the current value is shown as a hint in the text field, in case you delete everything.


Step 3

Now, choose a value and click on the APPLY button, confirm and check the result, if everything looks fine the app will not throw any error.