HEBF Optimizer

"Heart Empty, Battery Full"

Hello world, this is a website for the Android Application "HEBF Optimizer". Here you will find releases, notes, changelos, tips, discussions, downloads, support and more about our app.

A short history:

HEBF was publicly launched on June 18, 2016 in a thread in XDA Developers, and since then we continue to release enhancing versions and creating interesting functions, surely you will want to take a look at them.
You can find more information about the app itself in the About page.

Why is the app named like that?

We all know that this is quite weird, indeed.
It stands for "Heart Empty, Battery Full" because Ivsom, one of the developers, started working on the app after having his heart broken as a way to forget what happened.

Can I install it on every Android device?

You will need root access, busybox installed besides Android version 4.1 or higher in order to use this application.