HEBF Optimizer

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Feature: Sysctl

Since v2.0.1 this is option is present in all versions of HEBF Optimizer What is sysctl? Sysctl is a linux command used to modify kernel parameters individually at runtime. The list of the parameters to modify are the files under /proc/sys and its subfolders.

v2.0.1 Released

Metadata Codename: Phoenix Version name: 2.0.1 Version code: 77+ First release: 2017/09/25 Changelogs Added a sysctl option for advanced users You now receive a return message when setting a custom DNS Landscape and tablet layout improved Notification fix for Android Oreo Other bug fixes

Hello World!

Hello world, this is a website for the Android Application "HEBF Optimizer". Here you will find releases, notes, changelos, tips, discussions, downloads, support and more about our app. A short history: HEBF was publicly launched on June 18, 2016 in a thread in XDA Developers, and since then we continue to release enhancing versions and creating interesting functions, surely you will want to take a look at them.