HEBF Optimizer

"Heart Empty, Battery Full"

Available versions

Our application has 3 different versions, each one of them has its own set of features that may be different or contain extra features. Below is a short explanation and a list of additional features.

  • Play Store Version

    The regular version of the app that can be found on Google Play Store.
    It is the one that receives more beta updates but it has the least functions.

    Price: free

    Extra features: none


  • Play Store Pro Version

    This version can be found on Google Play Store as a paid application.
    It is the one that has more extra features and receives faster updates. Beta versions are released quickly too.

    Price: paid

    Extra features:


  • XDA Version

    The very first version released.
    It can be found in a thread posted at XDA Developers. This version contains special features that are not present in the Play Store versions due several reasons. It has the slower update rate and does not contain the extra features of the pro version.

    Price: free for everybody

    Extra features: